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Therapy Acupuncture Insoles

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299,00 DKK



-These fantastic Magnetic insoles therapeutically massage soles stimulating the pressure points on your feets soles the natural and effortless way whilst you walk allowing you to enjoy new vitality and comfort.
-This centuries old natural science of acupressure can make a real difference in your life with every step that you take using the insoles 8 fitted magnets. These magnetic insoles will massage your feet by stimulating the pressure points located on the soles of your feet. The insoles will also help to keep your feet cool with their 250 air holes to ensure that your feet stay dry and healthy. The insoles are in 2 sizes and are very easy to cut to fit

Size: Women: 35-40
Men: 40-47
Color: Brown only
Material: Rubber + 8 Magent stones

1x Acupuncture insole

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Yderligere information

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