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Automatic grinding machine

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1.An ergonomic soft handle.
2.Specially designed Micralumina replaceable go crusty roll.
3,gentle and effective of rotation
4,battery-powered, ready to use.

First start
1.counterclockwise turn on the base.
2.remove the base and red insulated stick.
3.Replace the base and press clockwise tightening.
4.in accordance with the following "general use" indicates use

General Use
1,Before use to remove the protective plastic cover crusty roll.
2.Make sure to crusty machine rollers firmly grip on the device. In the absence of installed rollers do not start to crust.
3,the coral twist to the left to start the device will go on a crusty roll crust gently slide, dead skin will be removed. Product can only be used for dry skin. Do not vigorously pressed, otherwise the product will cease to function.
4.Turn off the host and check whether you have reached the foot skin smooth as expected. If you have not reached the target, launch the device in mind the desired effect, and repeat the above steps to. Warning: Be careful not to use the product on the same site more than 3-4 seconds. If the skin becomes painful or inflamed, please stop using it immediately.
5,let the feet silky reply.
6,the coral twist to the right to turn off the device.
7,wipe or wash feet clean up excess dead skin has been removed.
8,thoroughly dry feet.
9,moisturizing cream silky massage to your feet.

After cleaning
If you find that to weaken the effectiveness of crusty roll, replace it. This product can only go with crusty SCHOLL use special rollers.
1,to ensure that device has been switched off
2,remove the base and old batteries
3,according to the direction indicated into four AA batteries.
4.Replace the base and press clockwise tightening.
5.Do not mix old and new batteries or standard alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Package include
1x Foot Care Tool
3x roller heads

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Yderligere information

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