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Automatic Electric Protein Shaker

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The compact design of the mixer enables you to drink straight from the cup
Entertain guests and enjoy drinks for yourself with this shaker
Automatic mix coffee, beverage, milk, juice etc

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries(not included)
Material: Stainless steel + plastic(BPA free)
Size: 20cm x 8.5cm
Volume: 450ML
Heat resistance: -20 to +130 degrees celsius

Product Usage
1,For athletes:Pre&Post workout nutrition;Mixes instantly;Increased absorption
2,Mixer for:Energy and drink powder & Cocktails & Juices & Baby formula & Eggs and much more

1,Instal 2AAA Batteries(remove rubber bottom to inser batteries);DO NOT TWIST OFF
2,Fill mixer with desired liquid
3,Push button and allow tornado to form
4,Add other ingredients to the vortex,portable mixer for instant mixing

1,Do not tamper with propeller blade
2,Do not unscrew bottom of mixer cup
3,Do not drink without lid on mug
4,Failure to follow these rules may result in a defective

1 x EleSelf Automatic shaker

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Yderligere information

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