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Automatic watering device household oxidized fertilizer glass ball drip irrigation tool

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Grow healthy plants. decorative glass watering globes are a perfect automatic watering system for your small indoor or outdoor plants. No more over or under watering your plants! Self-watering bulbs slowly release the perfect amount of water needed into the soil to feed flowers, herbs and other plants.
Refillable and reusable design – the plant watering ball is easy to turn over, filled with tap water or plain water, and then dumped into a potted plant without soiling.
Cultivate healthy and strong plants for you - these watering requirements can provide plants with water for about two weeks, help maintain proper nutrition, and are suitable for use during business trip or vacation.
Beautiful and high-quality colorful glass - made of high-density, super durable glass, which is very strong and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, hanging basin and floor plants.

Size: 8.5x30cm
Material: glass

1x Automatic watering device

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Yderligere information

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