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Back Support Belt

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479,00 DKK

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479,00 DKK



Corrects your posture and restores healthier stature to your body while reducing
lower back pain, slouching and hunching
Serves as an excellent aid for individuals with osteoporosis and postural disturbances
Prevent deformation of spinal column
Effectively prevent myopia or shortsightedness
Ease human body fatigued
Contribute to growing development
Bad posture can be corrected by changing the walking sit bad posture, 
becomes good habits, supporting the maintenance of normal
physiological curve of the spine to protect the spine
Porduct name: Back Support Belt 
Colors: Black 
Material: Cotton Galen
Size: Asian Size S/M/L/XL

Size         Fit Waist           Fit Height           Fit Weight
S            42-62 CM           70-150 CM             <35KG
M           60-68 CM           130-160 CM           35-45KG 
L            63-72 CM           145-168 CM           45-52.5KG 
XL         68-76 CM           150-172 CM            50-57.5KG 
XXL      74-84 CM           155-182 CM            57.5-72.5KG

1x Back Support Belt

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Yderligere information

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