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Relief and prevention belt with magnets - unisex

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499,00 DKK



Relief and preventive belt with magnets.
Neoprene lumbar support belt is an elastic belt that brings heat, support and compression to the lower back and back. The belt gives reminders to the user about the posture, as well as relieving the vortex by increasing the abdominal pressure and supporting the muscular pancreas in general.

1. Pain relief and improve micro-circulation.
2. Reduce inflammation and swelling
3. Improve blood circulation and metabolism
4. Makes the muscles relax.

Neoprene, Velcro, Nylon, Magnets, Plastic Strips.

Size Guide:
Waist 57-70 cm: Small
Waist 72-85 cm: Medium
Waist 86-96 cm: Large
Number 97-105 cm: X-Large
Waist 106-118 cm: XX-Large

CE / FDA / BV / ISO 90001: 2008

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Yderligere information

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