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Password Bicycle chain lock

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1. Type: bicycle chain lock
2. Diameter: 6mm
3. Length: 900mm
4. Material:Steel,PVC,ABS
5. Scope:Bicycle, mountain bike, electrocar, Motorcycle, glass door
6. The original password:00000

Operation Instructions:
This lock is preset to operate at 00000.To set your combination,follow the step below:
1. Dial the combination wheels to 00000 and withdraw the cable.
2. There is a plastic knob inside the lock cylinder,turn the knob as the arrow.(stop rotating when it can't move)
3. Reset the password.
4. Turn the knob back to the original position.
5. The new combination is now set.
6. Repeat the 1-5 steps above to reset the combination anytime you like.
7. Color: Black Red

* Once forget the password,you can't open lock forever.So please remember the password if you have reseted a new password.

1x Bicycle chain lock

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Yderligere information

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