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Wireless Bluetooth Shutter

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249,00 DKK



-Simple and Easy Wireless Set-Up
-Long distances for use, up to 10 meters Long distances for use
-Equipment connected to the phone, easy to look for a mobile phone.
-Can be used as a remote controller to take photos. Small and beauty, convenient to carry on with other tiny goods to hang together

a.Turn on the shutter by switching the on/off button,the shutter will enter into pairing mode and indicator LED starts quickly at the same time.
b.Activate the Bluetooth function on your phone and sourcing the devices around
c.Select the device of "AB Shutter 3" from the list and paring will be finished automatically in few seconds.
Shooting: Press the proper button on the shutter for ios and android phones to taking the photos.

Color: Black White Red Blue Yellow
Material: Plastic

1x Wireless Bluetooth Shutter

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Yderligere information

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