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3-pack high-end blonde panties

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349,00 DKK



Jump in a pair of high-waisted lace panties that are comfortable and give you a nice figure.
The panties are covered with seductive lace which makes them sexy. Not only that, the high waist keeps the belly in place
It's perfect for jumping in the tight dresses for all kinds of parties.

Treat yourself to a pack of 3 or 6 pairs of panties in fine colors - your boyfriend or husband will certainly appreciate them too!

Size: M L XL 2XL 3XL
Color: Black Skin Dark-Blue Red Wine red  Light purple  Dark purple  Pink  Green
Material: 90% Nylon,10%Spandex. Lining : 100%Cotton

M      Waist 60-70cm      For weight 45-55KG
L       Waist 73-80cm      For weight 55-65KG
XL     Waist 83-90cm      For weight 65-75KG
2XL   Waist 93-100cm    For weight 75-85KG
3XL   Waist 103-110cm  For weight 85-95KG

3x High-end blonde panties

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Yderligere information

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