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Bohemia sandals

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Comfortable Radian for Feet,
The sole radian design is fit the foot structure and body mechanics,it is comfortable for your feet.
Chang the way of walking to improve the physique with the wedge heel.
Improve your gait and promote better posture.
Can help to improve the back, arms, legs, and feet.

Gender: Women
Style: Sandals
Color: White.Apricot
Fastening: Slip on
Decorate: Flower
Upper Material: PU leather
Sole Material: sythentic
Apply to season: Summer
Size                Feet length             Feet circumference
35                      22.5cm                      21   cm
36                      23    cm                     21.5cm
37                      23.5cm                      22   cm
38                      24    cm                     22.5cm
39                      24.5cm                      23   cm

1 pairs of Sandals

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Yderligere information

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