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Bicycle shockproof mobile phone navigation bracket

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369,00 DKK



The phone holder has an upgraded auto-lock button. The 4 arms will automatically lock your phone with a click and unlock with a press on both sides. True one-handed operation. The locking button won't get stuck thanks to a solidly constructed internal mechanism, and both the clip and mount are cushioned to protect your phone and handlebars. With a high-speed lock switch, you can double lock your phone when riding on bumpy roads. Don't worry when your phone vibrates loose. With universal ball design, the bicycle phone holder can be adjusted in all directions, and you can rotate your phone to any angle.



Material: PVC/Aluminum alloy
Applicable: Compatible with 4.8~6.8 inch models
Size: about 10.4*4.9 CM
Color: red, blue, yellow, black


1 Set x Bicycle shockproof mobile phone navigation bracket

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Yderligere information

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