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Clean dust disposable duster

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289,00 DKK



The duster refill has advanced electrostatic properties that allow it to effectively attract and capture dust, locking it in even in the tightest spaces, and can absorb dust, hair, dirt, etc. to avoid flying dust during cleaning. This ensures a more thorough cleaning, reduces allergens and improves indoor air quality. Use them to remove dust and dirt from blinds, ceiling fans, furniture, bookcases, screens, wall art, car interiors, windows, knick-knacks and more without scratching the surface while cleaning.


Material: fiber
Size: 34cm
cdd-ster-SET: duster handle + 10 pieces replacement set
cdd-ster-20 refills: 20 pieces of refills


1 Set x Clean dust disposable duster

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Yderligere information

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