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Microwave Chip Maker

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339,00 DKK



-Prepare homemade potato chips in the mcrowave oven.
-Great for all kinds of vegetables- make pumpkin chips, sweet potato chips, carrot, lotus root and apple chips too!
-This Microwave Potato Chip Maker is great for those who are having movie night at their house,but only have a bag of russet potatoes, or for those who like to have everything homemade.
-This Mini Potato Chip Maker is applicable for the chips making of potato, sweet potato, carrot, yam, and more.

How to use:
-Cut the potato (pumpkin, carrot or other vegetables) into slices with the clamp and the slicer
-Immerse the potato and seasoner in water before cooking to obtain better tastes
-Insert the chips into the baking basket (Note: Prevent the slices from sticking with each other)
-Put the basket into the microwave oven and adjust the baking time

Color: Green Yellow

1x Chips maker

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Yderligere information

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