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CleanReach Sponge Scouring Pad Cleaning Brush

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No more stretching, bending or kneeling
Touch free cleaning
Telescopic ergonomic handle
Grime grabbing cleaning pads
3 in 1 angle pads
Reaching around toilets, dust door jams, getting into corners, soaker tub
Special ergonomic handle that extends to make every corner of your bathroom easy reaching, while the revolutionary grime grabbing cleaning pad angles into tight spaces gently and effectively scrubbing every surface, corner.
Never miss a spot!

Material: PP, stainless steel pipe, sponge
Equipped length size:466- 930mm (min - max)
Equipped width x height: 95x44mm
Equipped stand height: 423-885mm (min- max)
Telescopic pole size: 394x33x25mm
Cleaning pad size: 137x96x17mm
Package size: 106x54x404mm
Weight: 194.7g

1 x Telescopic pole
3 x Cleaning pads


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Yderligere information

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