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Reusable Cotton Swab Ear Silicone Cleanning Cosmetic Cotton Buds

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【Safety Material 】All reusable cotton swabs were made of high quality medical silicone tips and PC stick, super soft and flexible ,100% safe and non-toxic. Please note: do not pull the swabs head violently.
【Packing List 】There are two sets of the cotton swabs in the package which include 2 portable cases, 8 Count Double Tipped Silicone Swabs and 2 cleaning brushes.
【Eco-friendly & Reusable】Survey result shows that people use 1.5 billion of cotton swabs every day. But the silicone cotton swabs can be easily cleaned and reused with a little water and a little soap that will help us to keep environment clean.
【Multipurpose Swabs】Two versions of cotton swabs. One is Double Spiral Tips for clean ears, and another is Pointed Tip & Round Tip cosmetic smooth swabs for makeup and touch-ups like smoothing liner, shadow. Meanwhile, there are many other uses: crafts, pet care, cleaning collectibles, painting, model making, first aid
【Portable Cases Design】The silicone cotton swabs come with 2 spring design Automatic Closure packed cases that makes silicone cotton swabs highly convenient and portable. Just put it in pocket or bag and carry it at any time.

Item type:Cotton swab
Material: Silicone
Color: Army green,Black,Pink,Light pink,Blue

4x Cotton swab
1x Brush
1x Case

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Yderligere information

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