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Double Solar LED Lamp

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1. Solar panel: 7V / 100mA monocrystalline silicon imported from Germany
2. Battery: 2000mAh
3. Continuous lighting time: 4.5h
4. Installation height: 1 ~ 3m
5. Delay : 20 ~ 40 seconds
6. Sensing distance: 1-4 meters
7. Sensing range: 120 °
8. Source: 2*19 LED
9. Light control sensor adjustment: 5LUM-20LUM adjustable

Connect solar panels on the sun, then pull switch mounted on the lamp body placed in "AUTO"
file, charging during the day. In the evening, when someone go through the light sensor head
area, the light will work. The lasting setting time is default(30-40S). If no one comes to
the sensor area, light will not work. It could be used around 280-300 times when the solar
panel is full power.
"D" stands for adjusting the sensing distance.
"T" stands for adjusting the delay time.

1x Solar LED Lamp

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Yderligere information

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