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Egg Fried Shaped Mould

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How about a zomboid breakfast?
With a hideously grinning skull for eggs?
If you like the macabre early in the morning,
then this is the mould for you. Just place the frame
into the frying pan and crack two eggs into it. Hey presto!
What do we have? A laboratory skull with four front teeth.
Actually, voodoo breakfasts can be great fun if you are not
the superstitious kind who gets easily frightened.
These are eggs with yolks for eyes. It relieves the
monotony of having the same old eggs, sunny side up,
every morning, every day of the week, all through the year.
With this mould you can change the way your breakfast looks like. Drastically!

Food safe. Made out of silicone rubber.
Measures approx. 5.5"L x 1"W x 5"H.
Withstands temperatures of -30°C to 230°C
Dishwasher safe.

1x Egg Mold Tool


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Yderligere information

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