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Elastic Bra Lengthen Buckle

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169,00 DKK



Hasp Adjust Bra Buckle
Easy to use and wash.
Attaches onto hooks bra directly.
Positions hooks, adjustable length, fit for most size bra.
Soft, flexible and comfortable.
Increase your size range with this simple item.
Reduces bra tightness due to shrinkage, pregnancy, or weight gain.
Soft brush backing soothes your skin.
Perfect for wearing oddly sized bras.
Size: A Style:8.5x5.5cm ,B Style 10x5.5cm C,Style: 8.5 cm x 4cm.
Color: Black, White, Skin.

3 x Bra Extenders( Black, white,skin )

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Yderligere information

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