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Electric toothbrush head

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Fit models:
HX3551 HX4772 HX5251 HX5451 HX5300 HX5310 HX5581 HX5751 HX5810 HX7351 HX7361 HX7381 HX7551 HX7553 HX7841 HX7881 HX7800 HX9552 HX9553 HX9842 HX9882 and all e-series.
E-Series replacement brush head
Compatible with Sonicare Advance, Elite & Essence Series handles
Tapered, extra-soft contoured bristles
Slim angled neck reaches hard-to-clean areas
Maintaining good oral health is easy with Sonicare e-Series Standard toothbrush heads.
Designed to work with Advance, Essence, Elite, CleanCare, and Xtreme handles,
these screw-on replacement brush heads feature an angled neck and contoured bristles
to help you easily maneuver the brush and focus on hard-to-reach areas where plaque can hide.
The blue reminder bristles fade to let you know when it's time for replacement.
Replace your brush head every three months for best results.

For use with Advance, Elite and Essence Series handles only. E-Series: Slim,
angled neck, tapered brush head, and contour-fit bristles;
Gets into hard-to-reach areas for optimal results.
E Series brush heads are also compatible with Sonicare Advance Handles

3 x HX7001 toothbrush head


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Yderligere information

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