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Faucet Extender 1080° Rotating Faucet Aerator

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479,00 DKK



1.1080° Free Rotation: This universal swivel mechanical arm swivel extension faucet aerator has three 360-degree joints, which can be adjusted a total of 1080 degrees in all directions, which allows this faucet extender to reach every corner of the sink for easy cleaning .
2. Universal threaded connection: The faucet aerator is compatible with most faucets, no extra tools required, it can be installed directly on the faucet. The universal faucet aerator extender can be used for bathroom, kitchen, sink faucets, taps with 22mm internal thread diameter or 24mm external thread diameter.
3. Two water flow modes: designed with two water flow modes, soft bubble flow and powerful spray shower. The flow mode is full of oxygen-enriched foam, suitable for washing hands, face, and mouthwash. The power spray shower mode provides high water pressure to get items cleaned quickly.



Body Material: Brass
Angle: 3D free rotation
Gear position: 2 gears
Splashproof: Bubble splashproof
Supercharging: strong supercharging
Interface size: 20/22/24mm




1 Pc x Faucet Extender 1080° Rotating Faucet Aerator

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Yderligere information

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