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Flatfoot Orthotics Massage Socks

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Name: Bandages silicone arch support
Ingredients: Bandages -90% nylon, 10% spandex, arch support - High-quality medical silicone
Specifications: length 11cm, width 7.8cm, thickness 1cm (silica) + 0.1cm (cloth)
Color: skin color
Size: Free (For 35-45 size)
Weight: 55g

Care: Hand wash cold water, air dry, avoid sun
For people: Mostly all people can use, strongly recommended who
with flat feet, arch foot!
Accurate medial longitudinal arch support care, buffer shocks,
improve correct flat feet, arch foot, plantar pressure dispersion,
to protect the arch alleviate walking pain and other symptoms of fatigue.

1pair x Bandages silicone arch support

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Yderligere information

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