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Foam car washer water gun

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1.Professional foam generator , whole body whipped 30 seconds
only need whipped marvellously quick , water big , not to 30
seconds , body by soft namely foam covered , efficiency is this !
2.siphonal whipped way , don't waste washing liquid adopt siphon
bottle inner washing liquid , dilution again jet , outperforming ,
3.gun adopt high quality pvc material , affordable and durable
new type abrasive tool + high quality pvc material , each small
all effuse the details of facta , smooth surface none sentus ,
easy adjust hydraulic pressure ,not a sound
4.antifreeze crack type aquamarine tube , practical dupped
non aging
5.bipass water original patented gun connector combination ,
solid don't nonrevenue water foam water gun core advantage
& mdash . mdash & . a water gun , also can knows how complete
car wash task ! domestic faucet water have lirait , use water
stop connector 'll the effect of water gun waterpressure ,
the guaiacyl bipass manufacturers water connector set ,
effective strengthen plucking !

Size: 19cm * 15.5cm * 5.5cm
Material: PVC

1x Car wash water gun

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Yderligere information

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