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Electromagnetic Foot Massager (Zone therapy)

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Foot Reflexology:
Foot Reflexology is a method of stimulating the reflexes in the feet to cause reactions in corresponding parts of the body. Such reactions come in form of relaxation or balancing of the energies flow in the body. As the human body has immunity and resistance function, the effectively stimulating and massage on foot can encourage the body system to recover the homeostasis.

Strengthen the immune system of the body.
Stimulating the reflexes in the feet to cause reactions in corresponding parts of the body. 
Promotes the movement of the energy flow in legs, relieve from fatigue and aches.

Improves sleeping.
Consistent nerve stimulation has been found to be beneficial to human's mental and physical health.

Far-infrared function.
It can release heat continually for a long time to promote the circulation of the blood effectively, and to make the body more health. 
There are 99 low frequency electro-wave intensity levels for your choice, which stimulate reflex zones, acupuncture points, muscles, nerve and capillaries of your whole body.

Excrete toxin and improve skin colour.
As the blood vessel is connected to inner organs and systems, good stimulation could adjust the speed of metabolism without side effects.

Beauty Function
- promote lymphatic flow
- smooth sebaceous glands
- reduce leg fat accumulation
- help expel toxins and improve skin tone
- help improve constipation

Packing include:
1x Silver Electromagnetic Foot Massager  (33*19*45cm)
1x Remote Controller
6x Electrode Pads
1x Power Adaptor
2x Jacks Electrode Cables
1x User Manual

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Yderligere information

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