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Foot protection set

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Silica gel toe case:
toe cap is the protective role of the forefoot and toes ,
relieve physical stress concentrated forefoot .
Prevent excessive pressure caused forefoot pain, calluses generation.

Silicone heel bumpers:
Neutral design, fit size 35-45
Easy to tie your shoes, Casual shoes, sports shoes, sneakers
Easy to clean,
Comfortable to wear, protective heel and prevent cracking

Silicone ball pad:
Made with an extra soft Active Gel
They can be worn in sports and everyday footwear to relieve ball of foot pain
Perfectly shaped to give comfortable support to the ball of the foot
Material: silicone

Flip-flops insoles:
Enhances your foot's natural footpad to relieve forefront pressure.
Soft Flip Gel Cushions for Sandals The Pedag Soft Flip Gel Cushions for Sandals with Toe Posts for Flip-Flops, Thongs, & evening wear dress shoes
Remove plastic film on bottom surface, place sandal with gel toe post grips around sandal thongs. Self adhesive and removable. If adhesion lessens, rinse with clean water.

1 pair x Flip-flops insoles
1 pair x Silicone ball pad
1 pair x Silicone heel bumpers
1 pair x Silica gel toe case

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Yderligere information

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