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Bit handheld game console PVP 2

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689,00 DKK



1. 2.6 inch screen
2. Free game card with 8bit games
3. Colors: Black,Blue,Pink,Green,Red, Sky blue(light blue)
4. AV cable
5. 700MA li battery
6. Chrger adapter: 5.0V, 500MA
7. Black pocket for console
8. High quality giftbox
9. 100 different games;
--Super contra24in1
--Plants VS zomb
--Super mario bros
--Balloon fight
--Battle city
--Bianary land
--Bird week
--Bomber man
--Brush boller
--Burger time
--Chackn POP
--Circus charlie
--Donkey kong
--Donkey kong3
--Door door
--F1 race
--Angry birds
--Lode runner
--Lunar ball
And many more.

Standard accessories
1 x Game console PVP 2(8 BIT)
1 x Charger
1 x User manual
1 x AV Cable
2 x Free game card
1 x Retail box

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Yderligere information

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