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Garden Fence Edging Cobbled Stone Effect Plastic Lawn Edging

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1. If you are looking for a perfect border for your garden lawn our, faux cobblestone lawn edging is the perfect choice for you.
2. Made from durable, weather-resistant ABS, perfect for surviving any harsh winters.
Easy installation.
3. Please make sure the ground you are installing the lawn edging into is soft, loose wet soil. DO NOT hammer the plastic edging as it will break the plastic and can also cause the stake to enter at an angle, causing it to break.
4. Pack of 10, covers 2.5 meters of the border. Can be used on any shape border.
5.Interlocking, lock together to form a seamless edging for plants, lawns or patios.
6. The raised top of each edging piece not only looks great but also helps reduce weed transfer. The panels are a dark grey and have a cobblestone-like finish.

Material: ABS
Color: Grey
Size: 25X23.5CM
Packaging: 10 pcs
Length: 2.5 meters

Package included:
1 x 10pcs Imitation Stone Fence


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Yderligere information

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