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grout pen

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Updated grout markers help cover stained joints between tiles, restore or change the color of tile lines and prevent them from staining further; Grout Repair Line dries quickly to cover stained joints between tiles Renew surfaces after painting so they look clean and protected. Each grout tile pen is mainly made of water-based material, safe and non-toxic, safe for children and pets. The grout repair pen is safe to apply to kitchens, bathrooms, showers, porches, patios, walls, floors and many dirtier tiled areas, just paint along the grout lines, it is suitable for epoxy grout, mortar joints , any grouted areas that are starting to get a little dirty and covered in mold.



Color: Beige, brown, dark brown, gray, khaki, white, dark gray
Specifications: writing line width is about 2.2~ 2.8mm
Pen head: round head 3.0mm



1 Pc x grout pen

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Yderligere information

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