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Mini Hair Ball Trimmer

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Type:Mini Hair Ball Trimmer
Battery:2pcs AA Batteries(not include)
Usage:Household Cleaning Machine
Scope of application: vest, sweaters, skirts, T-Shirts, scarves, socks

1.The sweater / blankets' fur ball part should be arranged in flat position .
2.Open that cleaning machine switch 'ON' press, don't force according to the cutting surface, but a little trick up slowly to remove hair ball .
3.If the hair ball comes to the accumulation of more than 80%, cut off switch and unload trays, remove hair ball ,and then continue to use .In order to avoid hair ball go flying.

1. Please do not use this kind of product shave beard
2. The machine fan is a heavy pressure, so don't unload the mesh while using it .
3. Afte shaving cashmere cleaning is completed, please clean up the knife, mesh and storage.
4. It cannot be used while you are in a sweater.

1x Mini Hair Ball Trimmer

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Yderligere information

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