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Automatic Can Opener

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No more troubles of cans opening
No need to hold the can while opening.
No strength needed. No sharp edge.
Hands-free! It is just that easy!
Perfect for kitchen or picnic.
It's not like the traditional
can Opener where you have to manually twist open,
the One Touch can Opener does all
the work for you. Just place the One
Touch Can Opener on top of the can, press
the button and the can will be
open in seconds. When cutting is complete
just the one touch Can Opener off the can
and the magnet will conveniently pick up the lid for you.
Opens Cans of all sizes
Automatically opens cans with one touch
Simple operation:Just press the only button on head
the Can Opener will automatically shuts off the lid for you.
Safe with no sharp edges
No need to hold the can with your hands while using.
Totally hands free
Ideal for those with limited hand mobility
Clean the can opener with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.
Power : 2 x AA (not included)

1 x Automatic Can Opener

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Yderligere information

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