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Damascus kitchen Knives

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8" Damascus Kitchen Knife
length: 325 mm
blade length: 197 mm
blade thickness: 2.5mm
blade width: 44 mm
net weight: 220 g
Material:VG10 steel
Handle Material: G10 (fiberglass, resin)
Hardness: HRC 60

How to Use and Maintain the Kitchen Knife
1. Please do not CHOP the bone, blade would be crack this is not heavier chopping knife.
2. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe and dry it surface after every use to prevent rust.
3. Use sharpening stones to sharpen VG10 knives is better than use a sharpening steel.
4. This knife only for cooking, do not hunting, do not burn or bend the blade when cutting.

1. Keep it away from children
2. Avoid heat or shock
3. Don't cut hard food
4. Do not use your hand to test the hardness of the blade

1x 8inch Damascus Kitchen Knife

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Yderligere information

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