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5 in 1 Pants Rack

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5-in-1 stainless steel retractable pants rack
Used for hanging your trousers neatly and conveniently
For both pants storage and hanging to dry
With two hooks for easy hanging
Five hanging rods, 5-in-1 design
Retractable style, convenient to use and easy to carry
With tiny two tiny hooks at both ends of each rod
Two ways to hang this rack
1. Horizontal with two hooks
2. Vertical with just one hook
Can be folded with trousers on and put them into your suitcase together
Portable, lightweight and space saving design
Perfect for both home and travel uses

Material: Stainless Steel+Plastic
Size(Adjustable): Approx.48x 15 x 7cm (Max. L*W*H)
stainless steel tube daimeter:9.5mm

Package Listing:
2 x Pants Rack

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Yderligere information

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