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Portable Mini Electronic Digital Scales

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509,00 DKK



1.Wild LCD screen display with background light,easy to read.
2.High precision strain gauge sensor
3.Stainless steel platform
4.Tare function
5.Low battery&overload indicator
6.Pocket scale,mini size,easy to carry and store

2.Accuracy:0.1g/1-3kg, 0.01g/200-500g
3.Unit switch:g/ct/oz/gn/ozt/dwt
4.Power supply: 2*AAA battery (not included )
5.Background light color:blue
8.LCD screen size:44.0*18.0*1.1mm
9.Weighing platform size:10*10 cm
10.Item dimension:12.5*10.5*1.8cm
12.Material: Stainless steel, plastic

Operation instruction:
Please put the scale on flat table
1:Press [ON/OFF] to switch on
2:You can press"M" to unit conversion when 0.0 or 0.00 show on the LCD
3:Put the goods on the scales after using conversion

1:Do not operate beside the computer or someplace with high radiation,do not have wind.
2:Remember to take off the battery when you do not use it for a long time,do not store in humid environment
3:Need to be cleaned when the scale body have stains,wiping with dry towel is okay.
4:Pay attention to the waterproof
Package includes:
1x Digital scale
1x Big tray?
1x Small tray
1x English manual

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Yderligere information

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