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Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

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Never eat soggy cereal again! This unique and easy to use bowl has become the favorite for cereal lovers around the world.
Inspired by a playground slide, it is very easy to use for Kids or Adults.
Just swoop and scoop your favorite cereal into the milk and every bite is as crispy as the first bite. Save money not wasting soggy cereal.
The milk section is designed with deeper sides to prevent spilling. A built-in grip makes it easy to hold for all ages.
Kids love it! This is the perfect bowl for eating in bed or watching TV plus many other uses. Try it with soup and crackers or milk and cookies.
The bowl itself is unbreakable and made with thick walls of food safe BPA free polypropylene - Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Color: White
Size: 25x20x10.5cm
Capacity : 300ML
Material: food safe BPA free polypropylene

1x Soggy Cereal Bowl

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Yderligere information

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