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4 Hole Ice Cube Ball Tray Brick Round Maker

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Product Description
Material: Silicon
Color: Green, Black
Weight: 135g
Size: 12x12x5.2 cm , Ball diameter 4.5 cm

- Each ice ball mold makes four 4.5cm ice spheres...great for parties.
- Ice tray is sealed and balanced and will not leak or tip in freezer.
- Made from dishwasher safe, BPA free Silicon.
- Ice releases easily from silicone ice ball mold and does not crack while freezing.
- Large ice spheres have less surface area and last much longer...sometimes hours.
- Can freeze garnishes within ice (Lime, Olives, Mint leaves, etc.)
- ReplaceS fancy ice presses that cost hundreds of dollars.
- Mostly use for fine sipping whiskeys, but other uses range from pitchers of Sangria to mugs of iced coffee.

How to Use Your Ice Ball Molds - INSTRUCTIONS (please read)
Before using your new tray, be sure to wash to wash thoroughly with soap and water
Fill the bottom tray nearly full of water (leave about 1 cm unfilled)
Then set the bottom tray on an even surface in your sink and press the
lid tray down into the bottom tray until it is sealed (Note: The excess
water will escape through the 4 vent holes at the top of each ball)
When full, gently press down on the top of each mold to force out enough
water to give a slight air gap at the top of each ball for expansion
- This step is important so your ice balls will form properly
without cracking - Need to leave room for expansion
Do not worry about excess water in tray. Let it freeze with the mold
Lay flat in freezer for 5+ hours
After freezing please follow these steps:
Before removing mold lid, break all ice around balls using a twisting motion...with lid still on
If you do not, there will be Saturn-like rings around each ball
You do not have to be gentle with the silicone, it will not break
After using this step to break ice, remove top lid and release ice spheres from bottom tray

1x 4 Hole Ice Round Maker

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Yderligere information

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