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Inflatable pillow set

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Choose the imported high elasticity polyester materials, so the noise will make ear swelling.
The ear plugs do not bring no comfort, noise effect is obvious, when the outside was very noisy, it can reduce 30 db.
If you're traveling, dormitory and other environment plagued by noise, it will give you a quiet world and give you rest, study hard.
The ear plug uses soft, smooth, nonirritating, self-adjusting advanced foam formula.
Pillow is also known as driving, air pillow, the " U "-type structure, consistent with human physiology works. Shoulder and neck liner care and reduce neck fatigue, sleep will not skew the body.
The pillow can increase the head buoyancy in swimming.
Dark materials for the multi-layer and its breathable material can let you have a good rest in a light strong place in the evening.
The string of the eye mask is elastic and adjustable.
The eye mask can use in train, car, plane, room.
Color: Random ( Gray / blue / pink / rose / red / light blue)
Pillow Material:PVC
Ear Plug Material: High elasticity polyester
Eye Mask Material: Multilayer shading material

1x Inflatable pillow
1x Eye mask
2x Ear Plug

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Yderligere information

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