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Flexible USB Clip LED Lamp

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- Natural, soft light is perfect for reading and protecting your eyes.
- Energy saving, long life span, and eco-friendly.
- Adjustable brightness, 2 modes: low, high, control by a switch.
- LED light source without stroboscopic, free from glare.
- Prevent Short-sighted in advance.
- No ultraviolet ray. No high frequency radiation.
- The LED Lamp can be clamped on the edge of desk, bookshelf, and bedside table etc.
-The flexible metal tubing can be rotated, and the light can be shown from arbitrary angles with an intensity control button.
- It’s durable, portable and flexible for indoor and outdoor activities
- LED table lamp is made of aluminum alloy. ( finish, polish, electroplating, anodize on the Lamp surface. The lamp holder is made of alloy aluminum for good heat dissipation. )
- Subject range: reading, desk lighting, bedside reading, computer lighting, dresser lighting.
- Item type: USB Table lamps
- Switch type: low, high off switch
- Function switch ( brightness adjustment )
- Light source: 18 pcs 2835 LED
- Power: Max. 6W
- Illumination: 400-600LUX
- Color temperature: 5500-6500K
- Input: DC5V
- Item color: Silver
- Item weight: 380g
- Package size: 8 * 11 * 28cm
- Package weight: 490g
1 x LED lamp head

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Yderligere information

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