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Metal Magnetic Charging Cable

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349,00 DKK



1.Strong magnetic force blind magnet automatic calibration and docking for charging and data transmission
2.Reduce because of the number of plug for charging the mobile phone interface damage,
traditional magnetic data line 1 = N times
3.Don't need to pull down, plug can be a dustproof plug protect the cell phone
4.Single hand operation, don't need the traditional hand phone in one hand and cable,
still need to aim at jack, magnetic suction cable just picked up your love machine can achieve the function of charging and data near the wires,
let you be in driving journey and enjoy the joyful mood and operating experience in various occasions.

* 100cm length
* TPE Sheath same as original material and comfortable handfeeling
* For iphone/Android smart phone
* Compatible with devices which has the Lightning/micro USB connector
* Sync your device with your computer to transfer music, videos and files
* Can bearing 50KG at most, through pulling in and out test 30000 times.
* Provide fast data speed (2.4A) while at the same time charging your smartphone,
tablet, or other device
* Color:
For iphone(Lightning port):silver,rose gold
For Android(Micro USB): Silver

1x Charging cable


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Yderligere information

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