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Macro Reverse lens Adapter Ring

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Material: Metal
Color: Black
Function: full manual focus, full manual aperture
Conversion caliber: side mount, side 58mm screw
Suitable For for CANON EOS EOS-58MM camera body

Advantages are:
1. further increasing the distance between the lens and the focal plane;
2. shooting three-dimensional scene can achieve good results;
3. simple and inexpensive.

Disadvantages are:
1. the reverse, the role of the lens focus ring is very small, mainly by the distance between the camera and the subject movement to focus;
2. the camera aperture linkage system no longer works;
3. short depth of field, focus difficulties;
4. only the focal length of the lens in the 20mm to 85mm between;
5. the original lens mount portion of the lens is completely exposed, backlit film produces glare.

1x 58mm Macro Reverse lens Adapter Ring

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Yderligere information

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