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Nut Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

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499,00 DKK



-Remind: Buzzer, flash
-Alarm distance: 50 meters
-You can manage 6 Nut 2 bluetooth tracking tag at the same time.
-Two mode:
Bluetooth anti lost: The maximum range of the device is 50m.
GPS anti lost: No limit

-Two-way anti lost
-A key finding things
-The location information
-The Internet search
-Ultra-low power consumption
-Multitasking management
-Battery: CR2032 (include)
-Color:White Green Orange Rainbow

iOS system: 4s / 5/ 5c/ 5s/ i6
Pad 3/Pad 4/ Pad mini/ Pad mini2/Pad 5, and soon.

How to use:
1.Install the APP the app store to search the nut
2.The binding the nut please make sure that the bluetooth open the patch near the phone click on the patch button.
3.Operating the nut through the APP can call the nut to check the position of the nut
4.Set the nut can adjust the alarm distance open two-way lost look for lost items.

1x Nut Bluetooth Tracker

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Yderligere information

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