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Pet Dog Training UltraSonic Keychain Whistle

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This is Pet Training Dog Adjustable UltraSonic Sound Whistle.
to establish a good tool for communication and discipline.
While using this product can produce ultrasound and spread very far.Within 3km can be heard.
Dog whistle will send a dog can detect ultrasound.
Ear of dog to receive sound waves per second, 120 kHz, while the people can hear up to 20 kHz. Dog whistle can be issued in addition to the human
voice can be heard outside the tube, while the sound people hear is, only dogs can hear frequencies, this frequency ultrasound transmission is
very far, so the dog can be very far away hear the sound.
The sound can be heard by human as well . please don't worry!
This Whistle can help you to train your dogs.
Size: 53*8mm(L*W)
weight: 15g
Color: Silver

1x Pet Dog Training Whistle

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Yderligere information

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