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Mini Manual Portable Coffee Maker

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2.649,00 DKK



Material: safety plastic (without BPA)
Size: 16.5X7.6cm
Weight: about 360g
Model: CA capsule,GR coffee powder
Pressure: 8bar
The amount of powder: 7g
Water capacity: 70ml

Put a spoonful of coffee powder into bloom coffee container, coffee powder with a spoon bottom press down, straighten it into the cup covered with lid, into 90-degree water in the bottom of the container, tighten the lid after the pistons pulled, pressed several times, slowly dripping out of a coffee can.
According to personal preferences, you can try to find the number of multiple presses like taste, such as:
A: press the 13 (Ristretto)
B: pressed 18 times (Espresso)
C: pressing 28 (Double Espresso)

1x Portable Coffee Maker

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Yderligere information

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