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rose crystal mood table lamp

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549,00 DKK



1.The refracting crystal chandeliers, such as diamonds, show their beautiful temperament, decorate your living room and create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, study, craft room, corridor, closet, hotel, office, etc.
2.You can adjust by touching the switch on the top of the lamp
3.Variable colors to create a different home atmosphere



Options: Tri-color light, 16-color light
Three-color light: warm light + warm white light + white light (without remote control)
16 colors of light: warm light + warm white light + white light + yellow light + blue light + red light, etc., a total of 16 colors. Strong light adjustable weak light (with remote control)
Material: acrylic
Light source power: 1.5W
Voltage: 36V
Size: 215*90(mm)
Note: Please touch with your palm, not your fingers



Kit includes:
Desk lamp x1
charging cable x1
Remote control x1 (16 colors)



1pc x rose crystal mood table lamp









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Yderligere information

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