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Cellulite sauna pants

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-Sauna Pants Hot Sweat Wrap Slimming Tummy Buttock Thigh Weight Loss
-Focus the heat on your trouble spots.
-Makes you sweat in the areas you need it most.
-Just wrap on the pants and lay down.
-Adjustable temperature control and Velcro waist and legs.
-Temperature Range: 35*c ¨C 75*c (adjustable)

-Beautify the skin
-Burn fats around the tummy and tighten the stomach
-Reshape the body and buttock

-Once you have finished your session, take off the sauna pants and spread it on a flat surface until it cools down.
-Clean it with a wet cloth and dry it.
-Store in a dry place.

*DO NOT wear the sauna pants alone without any cover to the skin. Wear a cotton pants tol help absorb sweats.
*Wear the sauna pants in a comfortable manner, either in a standing position or in lay down position.
*DO NOT use it while sitting down or facing down while laying on bed because this might trigger problems to the pants and its remote controller.
*DO NOT put on lotion or cream onto the skin while using the sauna pants because the pores will open wide and this can cause irritation to the skin (allergies / itchiness ).
*You are encouraged to drink a lot of warm water before, during and after using the sauna pants to avoid rehydration.
*DO NOT use the sauna pants at least 2 hours after you have your meal. For best results, use the sauna pants for a maximum of 50 minutes in one session.
*DO NOT wear it too tight.

-Color: "Black only"
-Voltage: 220V

1x Sauna pants ("Black only")
1x Eu plug

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Yderligere information

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