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SB-17A Electric Toothbrush Heads

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Professional toothbrush heads, help good care your dental health.
High quality generic replacement brush.
Soft bristles in center can protect teeth from harsh brushing.
Dupont bristles for offer exceptional cleaning of tooth surfaces and deep between the teeth.
Effectively removes plaque without irritating gums.
Colorful rings are offered for individual identification.a
Dentists recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months for optimal results.

Suitable for following toothbrushes:
For D4510,D12013,D12013W,D12523,D17525,D18,D19523,D19545,D20523,D20545,OC18,D8011,D9525,D9511,D20,D25,D30,D32,type4739,3709(Non Sonic Brush head)3728,3738,3744,3757 and O-ral-B Electric toothbrush type4731,4728,4739,3709,3728,3738

Type: Toothbrushes Head
Material: POM Plastics,Dupont Tynex,304 Stainless Steel
Quantity: 4pcs/pack
Age Group: Adults
Length: 7cm
Total Weight: 28g
Package Size: 14 * 8.7 * 1.6cm

4 x Toothbrush Replacement Heads


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Yderligere information

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