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Sealing strip for glass shower door

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319,00 DKK




The ultra-wide water retaining edge improves the waterproof effect and gives you a dry and
clean bathroom. The length and sides can be easily trimmed with a utility knife or hacksaw.
Simply place the seal under the shower door and push up from the side with a little
pressure so that the seal is completely and tightly attached to the glass, no adhesive
required, conveniently stopping the dreaded shower leak. The seal is made of 2 types of
vinyl: hard PVC for the part that grips the glass, and soft PVC for the fins that form the
barrier, which is more durable and functional. It is mainly used as a shower room sweep for
bathroom waterproofing, and can also be used as a fixed seal, weatherproof seal and
dustproof seal. It features excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance and easy




Material: Elastic rubberized PVC
Fits the doors with 4-6 mm thickness
Hides the columns up to 23 mm
Length: 60 cm
Can be tailored
Easy installation without glue and tools




1Pc x Sealing strip for glass shower door


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Yderligere information

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