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Selfie Stick

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289,00 DKK



1. No need to link the bluetooth ,audio photos
2. No need to charge, Do not need to worry about the electricity in the long journey .
3. The Most simple Monopod: Do not need to download software, directly insert the line
phone audio port to control the camera phones
4. Anti-shake when take photos, comfort to use, no tired feeling.
5. Portable, light and flexible, practical
6. Selfie Stick with a groove design , prevent mobile phone rotate
7. Color:blue,orange,pink,green,black
Applicable system: apple 5.0 or above (support iphone6, iphone6 plus);Android 4.3 or above
Applicable to mobile phone: apple, samsung, millet, huawei, zte, HTC, SONY etc. Smart phones.
Warm prompt: part of the mobile phone need to bring their own camera Settings - the function of the
volume button - set to "photo shutter or", if the built-in camera without this setting,
please download the "camera" 360 software can be set.

1x Selfie Stick

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Yderligere information

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