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Women Shiny Change Color Sequin swimsuit

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679,00 DKK



Imagine yourself on vacation. You're at the beach and you wear Sequins Sequins swimsuit.
The sand is hot, the sun caresses your skin.
You feel good, you are radiant, you attract attention, we admire you, you like it, you are sure of yourself, you are beautiful and it makes you feel good.
The sequin sequined swimsuit is like a chameleon.
It can change color. Caress it from the bottom up and it turns black. Want to shine? Caress it from top to bottom and it will shine brightly.

Size: S M L 
Color: Pink Green
Material:Polyester + Nylon +Sequin


Size(cm)          Bust             Waist              Hips           Cups
S                      72-78           60-66              78-88          A-B
M                     78-86           64-70              86-93          B-C
L                      85-90           68-74              91-97          C-D

1x Women Shiny Change Color Sequin swimsuit


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Yderligere information

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