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HOT COLD shawl scarves

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Hot or Cold Therapy for Aches & Pains.
Soothing Therapy for; Arthritis, Bursitis,
Sore Muscles, Everyday Stress and more.
Specially Designed for NECK, SHOULDER & BACK.
For use as a heat pad, lay the Hot/Cold
Therapeutic Comfort Wrap on a towel and place
into your microwave for 1-1/2 minutes.
Check the warmth of the wrap before using.
If more warmth is desired, re-heat the wrap for an additional 15 seconds.
For use as cold therapy, put the Hot/Cold Therapeutic
Comfort Wrap into a plastic bag and place
into your freezer for at least one hour.
Material: polyester
Packing: buckwheat
Size:54*33.5*46 CM

1x HOT/COLD shawl scarves

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Yderligere information

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