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Siamese conservative swimsuit

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549,00 DKK



Triangle bikini. Solid. Durable, Retro Polka Dot.Thickening.
Gradient. Environmental protection. A sexy backless. Durable.
High elasticity. Small fresh. Widening and thickening.
High speed dry. Conservative.
Item description : Summer Sexy One Piece Swimsuit.
Color : Red / Black / Blue.
Material : Polyamide / Nylon.
Whether the drag strip : Strip care with a chest pad.
Style / Features : Pattern:Solid
Size : M / L / XL / XXL.
Size list:
Size           Height(cm)            Weight(kg)             Bust
M               155-160                 42.5-50            70AB-75AB
L                160-165                 50-57.5            75AB-80AB
XL              165-170                 57.5-65            80AB-85AB
XXL            170-175                 65-72.5            85AB-90AB

1x Swimsuit

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Yderligere information

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