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Ultrathin Silk Leather Case cover

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369,00 DKK



1.Fit for Apple ipad air/air2/2/3/4/mini/mini2/mini3
2.Stylish, silm, elegant and professional.
3.Magnetically aligns with the device: Wake on open. Sleep on close.
Open the smart cover, and Pad magically wakes up. Close it and Pad automatically goes to sleep.
4.Protects without affecting any function of the device.
5.Can be used as a keyboard stand, and it's also a face time and movie stand.
6.Easy to use, light weight, elegant construction and stitching.
7.Enhances the look of your Pad in a sleek way.
8. PU front + Plastic back, excellent hand feel.
9. Color: Gold,Green,Rose,Pink,White,Blue,Black,Silver. se.

1x cover

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Yderligere information

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